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How To Make Own Glowing Printer Ink

Date Added: September 05, 2010 12:34:12 PM
Author: Joel
Category: Arts & Humanities: Art Weblogs

Are you tired of using the same type of printer ink and similar effects on the printing paper? There are many companies that manufacture their glowing colored inks to be used with inkjet printers. Mainly these are used to make effective banners and product advertisements. Well, now there is chance for you to make your own glowing printer ink. This is a very funny and interesting way to add nice effects to the printing on post cards and other papers with default printer ink. You may also add different colors of inks and prepare glowing inks. You may also prepare ink that glows in darkness. These are called Glow-in-dark inks. Just imagine when your family and friends see these, what their reaction will be!!!You may offer them these glowing print outs as birthday and anniversary cards. They will surely be happy with these gifts. So, are you ready to make your own glowing inkjet ink?


What you need:

- Glow dust powder

- Microwave oven

- Inkjet printer ink(3tsp)

- Syringe

- Printer cartridge


Follow these simple tips:

Get some glow dust powder. Put them in a container (very small quantity). Add 2-3 tea-spoon of inkjet ink into it. In this step you may add different colors of inks and mix them to get different types of effects.


Keep this mixture in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. This is done to completely dissolve the powder in printer ink.

Get a syringe and fill it with glowing inkjet ink just prepared now.


Get an old empty printer cartridge and inject the glowing ink into it. Don’t forget to seal it properly. If you forgot or did not seal properly it will reduce the effect/entirely waste the work. So, take care of simple things also.


Now you are done with everything. It is the time to put the cartridges into the printer and start printing work. Also do not forget to insert the cartridge properly in printer. The glowing ink works fine with almost every type of printers including each and every colorjet printer.


The best point to notice is that it can be printed on several varieties of papers which may be glossy paper, glass coated, iron transfer papers etc. You do not need to run out and rush into a shop asking for a special type of paper. It is certainly not required!!!Isn’t it wonderful? Yes, Of course it is!


There is also another nice stuff to do with this glowing ink. Have you ever wanted to print something on your T-shirt? Obviously yes, especially if you are a teenager. But the problem is you will have to rush to the shop and order him and it is quite costly too. But it is very simple if you print the desired stuff on the shirt using glowing inkjet ink. Your T-shirt will have a glorious and sporty look .It does not cost anything extra, once you have the ink ready with you.


So, we discussed in detail about glowing printer ink and how to make it. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.


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